‘Music is the ladder to the soul’

I started composing music back in 1995.

Still learning everyday.

Moritz Pommer aka Mohig started collecting records at the age of 15, back in 1995. He was heavily influenced by the golden era rap culture, underground mixtapes as well as UK Jungle vibes prevalent in Mannheim and surroundings, where he spent the first 16 years of his life.

Short after seeing Drum ‘n’ Bass legend LTJ Bukem on a rave, and some disappointing piano lessons, he took all his savings to get himself a set of turntables. All he wanted now was mixing these crazy broken beats.

Musical activity deepened as he got into producing hip hop beats and leftfield sounds on an AKAI S20 sampler two years later. This eclectic approach to music combined with a great international circle of friends got him into playing DJ gigs early on, Prague, London, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, amongst others.

After years of studies and corporate work, it was 2015 when Mohig decided to dive back into music, realising that the digital age brought about fascinating new sounds and possibilities.

He’s experimenting with organic, jazzy elements and live beats as opposed to strictly synthesised sounds in his productions. Expect Mohig to continue bringing new and versatile sonic dynamics into life. 

As one half of the DJ / producer-duo Afroschnitzel, he also digs deeper into the afro-vibes, flaring his musical portfolio. On February 17, 2017, their track ‘Spoiler Room’ charted number 1 on the iTunes dance charts in Kenya.


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Monold Schwarzenpommer aka Mohig